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Caught out by the Breeze*

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Titled ‘Perky Young Lady’ this is a typical design from the Austrian sculptor Bruno Zach (1891-1935), who was so well known for his risqué and provocative depictions of young ladies from the Art Deco period.

Out walking on a windy day, our girl has been surprised by a sudden gust of wind which has blown her skirt up high around the top of her legs, exposing her underwear.  The expression on her face is a sheer delight as she spins round, clutching her bag in one hand while trying to cover her modesty with the other.

This is a very collectable model, signed by the artist and standing 26 cm high on its square marble base.  Made from a quality art metal, with lovely original patina and dating around 1930.

Ref: 12008

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