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‘Young Man Reading a Letter’ by Dietz Edzard

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Oil painting on canvas by the French artist Dietz Edzard (1893-1963).

The subject is a somewhat serious looking young man, seated at a café table, reading a letter. 

Wearing a brown jacket and a smart bow tie, his head is slightly inclined to one side as he leans forward a little to scan the lines of the hand-written letter.

A half finished glass of beer sits on the table beside him, and it’s possible to imagine that perhaps he’s chosen this quiet moment to read his letter for a second time. 

Edzard’s work is often atmospheric and his subjects, which more often than not are young women, always have a certain appeal. 

The painting has been professionally cleaned and the canvas relined as it wasn’t in the best of condition when we acquired it.

Still in its original and rather splendid gilt frame and measuring 80 X 65 cm overall with the visible area of canvas 63 X 47 cm. 

Ref: 15241

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