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WMF Silver Plated Card Tray*

Item Description

Beautiful Art Nouveau silver-plated visiting card tray from WMF, depicting an elegant languid maiden in a long flowing dress, resting among flowers while she writes.

The lady is holding a pen in one hand and a card on which to write in the other whilst she quietly contemplates.

Wonderfully crisp casting and so very Art Nouveau with its sinuous openwork pattern and whiplash design detail.

Many surviving examples of this model are missing either the pen or the lady’s card or both.  They are also very often well worn due to so many past years of over zealous cleaning.  This piece is complete and still shows terrific definition on all areas – just look at her hair and the pleats of her dress.  The overall condition is quite superb.

Marked on the underside with the letters WMFB and AS denoting that it is made of Britannia metal and plated with the antique silver finish.  Dating from circa 1900.

Lit:   Art Nouveau Domestic Metalwork from the WMF, p 169 and colour plate 5, p xxiv

Ref: 12538

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