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WMF Necklace and Earrings Set

Item Description

Myra-Kristall iridescent glass beaded necklace and earring set from WMF.

With a single large bead placed in the centre of the necklace, flanked by eight smaller beads on each side, all separated by little metal spacers.

The earrings follow the necklace design in that each one has a similar large bead suspended below a smaller one.

With the usual strong iridescence that is typical of this type of WMF glass, the three larger beads showing a deeper shade of blue than the rest which have a combination gold and blackcurrant hue.  Again typically, the tints change subtly depending on the strength and angle of the prevailing light.

Circa mid 1920’s to early 30’s, the necklace is approximately 40 cm long and the earrings are a little over 2.5 cm in length

Ref: 13455

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