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The Lady and the Unicorn

Item Description

Impressive framed enamel on copper,  by the French maitre-emailleur Ernest Blancher (1855-1935).

The image is taken from one of the series of six tapestries woven in Flanders in the 1500’s, currently on display in the Musée National du Moyen Âge in Paris. These are said to depict the five senses, with love and understanding being the sixth.

This enamel picture dates from the late 1880’s and is a detail from the tapestry representing ‘Touch’, showing the noble lady standing and touching the horn of the unicorn while holding up the long staff of a pennant.

Blancher was successor to the workshops of F. Lot and Louis Dalpayrat in Limoges and examples of his work are keenly sought after at auction.

Measuring 46 X 31.5 cm overall with the visible image just a fraction under 32 X 17 cm.

There is a tiny piece of enamel missing just below half way down the left hand edge, and from here a fine hairline fracture runs across the blue colour beneath the lady’s outstretched arm. For complete accuracy this is shown in extreme close-up in the final photo.

Ref: 15062

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