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‘The Broken Jug’ by Cherc for Goldscheider

Item Description

Goldscheider terracotta figure of a young black boy who’s captured having just dropped and broken the jug he was carrying. 

Wearing a rather battered looking hat and patched up clothes, the unfortunate boy looks mortified, scratching at his temple with a frown on his face, eyes half shut and obviously wondering what on earth to do next.

A lifelike study with a touch of humour that contrasts poignantly with the young man’s misery.

Sculpted by Cherc who was a prolific artist, producing many fine models for the Friedrich Goldscheider manufactory.

Signed by the boy’s left foot and marked on the back with the usual Goldscheider markings, including the model number 2136/10/19.

Circa 1898/99 and with a height of approximately 42 cm.

Lit:  Goldscheider/Dechant, p. 347

Ref: 14435

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