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Symbolist Watercolour by August von Heyden*

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Striking watercolour painting in the Symbolist manner by the German artist August Jacob Theodor von Heyden (1827-1897).

Depicting a nude maiden seated beneath a rocky outcrop and waterfall, her elaborate chair raised just above the raging waters. 

A serpant like creature is swimming below, its body writhing as it raises its head to look up at her with wild eyes, its mouth agape.  

Four other young figures can be faintly seen in the water, together with a white horse straining to keep its head above the turbulence.

The woman who is the main subject looks calm and serene as she leans slightly forward, surveying the wild scene all around, her legs casually crossed and wearing nothing but a wreath of reeds on her head. 

Is this perhaps the artist’s Symbolist take on the Greek mythological tale of Andromeda?

Von Heyden, who was a professor at the Berlin Academy from 1882, is well know for his monumental historical genre paintings which can be seen in various German museums including the Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremburg. 

Signed at bottom left and dated 1885.  67.5 X  52 cm overall with the image measuring 45.5 by just a fraction below 30 cm.

NB –  See item no. 12129 for another depiction of Andromeda (enter 12129 in the Search option on the left).

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