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Spanish Lady from Goldscheider*

Item Description

Goldscheider terracotta bust of a Spanish lady, a noblewoman judging by her attire.  Unusually, the clothing only is gilded and painted in darker colours while the lady’s skin is left pale.  This has given the bust a very distinctive look.

Signed to one side by the artist (Adolphe-Jean) Lavergne and impressed with the usual markings verso, including the numbers 2973/20/1.  We are unable to find the model number in either of the reference books we have and reckon it to be a rare find dating from the very early 1900’s.

Overall the condition is good although there are a few minor chips to the lady’s head-dress and the finish has worn a little in places, but it remains a charming and very collectable piece.

Approximately 28 cm high.

Ref: 12103

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