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Silvered Maiden Card Tray*

Item Description

Silvered metal Art Nouveau maiden, elegantly posing while holding up high the outer hem of her long sleeveless gown.

Leaning to her left, with her head on one side, she’s swirling the dress around and upwards, thus forming the receptacle that is presumably for visiting cards.

With great detail to her face and chignon styled hair, a look that was so often favoured by the Art Nouveau artists of the day.  Even the tips of her dainty shoes can just be seen peeping from the bottom of her dress where it meets the almost circular base.

There are no marks other than a number impressed on the underside, so we are unable to suggest a maker, other than to say that the young lady shows more than a passing resemblance to the maidens on certain WMF pieces from that era.

Circa 1900 and with a height of 20cm. 

Ref: 14273

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