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Silvered Bronze Dancer by Morante*

Item Description

Art Deco silvered bronze figure of a young semi-nude dancer designed by the French sculptor Jean Pierre Morante and made in the 1920’s.

She’s an amazinly supple girl, performing the splits and arching her back with her arms extended while wearing just a short skirt, a fan-shaped headdress and dancing shoes.

The small amount of coloured detail is subtly muted, extending as it does just to the headdress and shoes.  

Edited with superb detail at the Paris foundry of Marcel Guillemard and mounted on a stepped and shaped verdigris marble base.

Signed Morante and marked bronze, also showing the founder’s name 

A fraction under 45 cm wide and 27 cm high.

Lit:  Art Deco and Other Figures by Brian Catley, p. 239

Ref: 13250

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