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Silver Liqueur Jug by Charles Edwards*

Item Description

Fabulous Arts & Crafts silver jug made by the English silversmith Charles Edwards, with a London hallmark for the year 1904.

An octagonally shaped design from the foot right up to the little finial on top of the hinged lid and with a beautifully curved handle dividing at each end into a pair of stylised leaves.

All eight faces are decorated with a heraldic type symbol, the pair at the front and at the rear extending a little further downwards than those at the sides. 

At the business end of the jug is a wide flared spout which pours very cleanly.

Probably for liqueurs but quite possibly also intended as a small coffee jug, the capacity is approximately 400 ml. or a little shy of three quarters of a pint. 

The height is 21 cm.

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