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Hand Woven Picture of a Young Man*

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Fine hand-woven picture depicting the profile portrait of a young man who looks possibly to be of some importance, dressed as he is in fine robes.

His identity however is a mystery, the only clue we have being the monogram at the foot of the picture which appears to be the single letter ‘G’.

Showing lovely workmanship with the man’s features, hair and skin tones all quite beautifully captured and the selection of colours just couldn’t have been bettered.

The work itself is in good condition with a little minor wear here and there due to its age of around 150 years.

The fabric is attached to the edges of its original pine frame, the rear of which can be seen in our last photograph.

When we acquired it, the outer frame was in such a bad way as to be beyond repair. Therefore we’ve had it simply and sympathetically reframed without the addition of any glazing.

The overall size is approximately 58 X 48 cm with the visible part of the tapestry measuring 54 X 44 cm.

Ref: 13416

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