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Silver, Gold & Black Onyx Brooch*

Item Description

Beautifully crafted brooch in both silver and gold featuring a tall stork like bird carved into the central black onyx insert.

Openwork in design, with an upright rectangular outline with softly rounded corners, the double silver frame fashioned as lengths of bamboo with the leaf fronds in gold filling the space between.

In the centre stands the stork with its head turned to one side and its beak wide open as if calling.

Immediately above, a small pearl is set, giving the impression of a distant moon in the night sky.

Contoured and three-dimensional, this is almost certainly a one-off piece and dates from circa 1940-50.

No marks apparent so not easy to be sure of the country of origin but quite possibly English, and a good size at just a fraction below 8 cms. high by a little over 3.5 cms. wide.

Ref: 16321

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