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Bernard Instone Large Silver & Citrine Pendant*

Item Description

Super pendant that, although unsigned, is firmly attributed to Bernard Instone, exhibiting as it does all the hallmarks of his work.

A large spray of typical Instone leaves descends in a fan shape from the bale, partially covering the top edge of a very fine and well coloured circular citrine. 

This leafy design is also on the back of the pendant, attaching to the ring-shaped mount which houses the citrine.

The stone is faceted on both sides, the face with a flat table in the centre surrounded by a crown of small diamond shaped facets and the back extending into a point, sometimes known as a pointed culet.

These days it would be difficult to find a citrine of this size and quality and, should one be found it would certainly be very expensive to buy.

Length including the ring attached to the bale is 6 cm.  There is no clasp on the 68 cm long chain, it simply fits over the head.

Supplied in the original fitted, velvet lined box by the jewellers L.S. Mallory of Fenchurch Street, London.

Ref: 15337

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