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‘Schilf’ by Gambeauche for Goldscheider*

Item Description

Very fine Art Nouveau terracotta bust originally sculpted by the artist Gambeauche for Goldscheider circa 1903.

Titled ‘Schilf’ which translates to ‘Reeds’, the young maiden is wearing the long strappy leaves of reeds with just her shoulders remaining exposed.

She has a strikingly lovely face and an expression of real calm about her – typical of the way the Art Nouveau artists liked to portray femininity.

Subtly finished in assorted natural looking shades of dull greeny-browns and yellows, the bust is in excellent condition and we have made no attempt to clean it.

Signed down her left side and numbered 2437/68/25.  An impressive height at 60 cm. 

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 360 where it is listed but the artist’s name is not noted.

Ref: 13657

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