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Frédégonde by Carrier-Belleuse*

Item Description

Large and impressive terracotta bust titled ‘Frédégonde’ (also spelled Fredegund) depicting a woman wearing a bear’s skin over her head, across her shoulders and down her back.

Also known as ‘Chriemhild’ (Kriemhilde), this wonderful piece of artistry was inspired by Wagner’s epic and highly dramatic opera in four parts Der Ring des Nibelungen, known in English as the Ring Cycle.

It is an imposing sculpture with great visual impact and an example of the immense popularity of characters from mythology, the opera and theatre during the late 1800’s.   

Cast in terracotta by the Goldscheider manufactory circa 1895 this bust is after the original by Albert Ernest Carrier-Belleuse (1824-1887). 

Carrier-Belleuse was a founding member of the Societé Nationale des Beaux Arts and was honoured by being appointed an officer of the Légion d’Honneur. His signature is impressed to one side. 

Approximately 74 cm in height and around 44 cm wide with the Goldscheider plaque verso together with the impressed numbers 1772/91/47.

The pale skin tones are a little dirty in places, purely due to age, but we have made no attempt to clean it.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 331 – also Pinhas p. 39 where the image is tagged ‘the Bear Woman’.

Ref: 12618

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