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Scandinavian Silver and Amber Beetle*

Item Description

Huge silver brooch and/or pendant in the form of a beetle, set with an amber body.

Gently contoured, with its rounded head, complete with bulging eyes, six legs, and folded wings all fashioned from silver and a narrow strip of silver running centrally down its back in a straight line over the amber.

At the front, its little feelers curl under, forming a fixed bale through which the silver chain can easily be thread should it be worn as a pendant.   

On the back is fixed a substantial pin with a roll-over clasp for use as a brooch.

No marks at all but we feel sure its Scandinavian, although from precisely which country we are unsure.

Measuring 10.5 cm in length, with the necklace chain approximately 61 cm long.

Ref: 14010

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