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Portrait of a Noble Lady by Ernest Blancher*

Item Description

Super quality enamel portrait of a noble lady by Ernest Blancher (1855-1935), one of the foremost Limoges emailleurs of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Seen in profile, facing to the left, she’s wearing a splendid robe of the finest deep red velvet together with a matching headdress topped with ornate plumage.  Both are decorated with jewels as befitting her obvious station.

Signed E. Blancher at bottom right, the word Limoges just below being hidden by the inside edge of the frame.

A touch over 27 cm high by 22.5 wide overall, with the visible image measuring 17 X 12 cm. 

Dating from around 1900, the actual enamelled copper plaque measures around a cm. more all round but the edges are slightly concealed by the frame.

Ref: 14953

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