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Platinum Skull and Crossbones Pendant

Item Description

Small circular pendant crafted in platinum, the outer frame enclosing a wonderfully detailed skull and crossbones set against a background of random length radiating lines carved into rock crystal.

Showing a very finely textured finish to the surface of the platinum, giving a matt rather than highly polished look.

The back of the skull has been etched with an inscription which is in a language that we were unable to identify or translate, but we heard from a contact in the Czech Republic who informed us that it was in Russian or Ukrainian and translates as ‘In death – Immortality’. Thank you Dana!

The diameter of the pendant is 2.25 cm and it is on a silver chain that is approximately 55 cm in length.

Difficult to date precisely but after consultation with one or two other jewellery dealers the general consensus is somewhere around the mid 1930’s.

Ref: 15994

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