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Pan and the Three Graces

Item Description

Fine old watercolour depicting Pan in a forest setting, seated on the ground at the foot of a large tree while three nubile young women are quietly approaching him out of his sight.

He appears to be immersed in playing his pipes and is completely unaware that he is being watched.

Pan, the god of nature and the wild and friend of the nymphs, is often associated with sexuality and in particular, fertility.  Hence the interest of the so-called Three Graces.

This is a very appealing composition with a beautifully balanced look. The dappled light falling on the bodies of the subjects together with their various postures is captured quite beautifully by the artist.

French, dating from circa 1910 but with a signature that is a little indistinct. It appears to read Cleau, about whom we can find no information.

In its original Oak frame measuring 51 X 47 cm and with the glazed back showing an unfinished pencil sketch, presumably by the same artist. 

Ref: 13565

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