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Oval Copper Wall Plaque

Item Description

Arts & Crafts oval copper wall plaque worked with a repoussé design of an assortment of fruit in a basket.

The convex shape of the plaque throws the image forward very effectively, giving it much more impact than if it were simply flat. 

Pears, cherries and grapes fill the basket to overflowing and a couple of strawberries below appear to have fallen out.

With a hammered background and a stitched pattern to the border and deep repoussé work to the main image showing excellent definition.

Circa 1905, measuring 47.5 X 35 cm and in good, clean condition, commensurate with its age and virtually none of the small dents so often seen on the raised areas.

The original small hook for hanging is attached to the back close to the top. 

Ref: 14024

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