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Brass Coal Scuttle

Item Description

Very fine old brass coal scuttle complete with its original fitted shovel.

Seated on a round base, the body is pleasingly shaped with a wide front opening and a rope patterned swing handle for carrying together with a small fixed handle at the rear.  

Decorated with an Arts & Crafts repoussé design of apples and their leaves on and around the top and above the rear handle.

This decorative theme is repeated on the brass shovel which slides neatly into its fitted space beneath the arch of the main body of the scuttle.

All the handles are of turned and lacquered wood and shaped with excellent detail.

Copper rivets have been used in the main construction with brass rivets securing the handles.

Circa 1890-1900. The overall length is around 52 cm and the width 28 cm. Height with the handle raised is approximately 48 cm. 

Ref: 13506

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