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Orientalist Scene*

Item Description

Stunning (and it’s not often we use that word) enamel picture by the master Limoges enameller Jules Sarlandie (1874-1936).

Vibrant colours  depict an orientalist scene ahead on the road, with assorted figures at the foot of steps leading up to the first floor of an impressive domed mosque. Others are seen around a market stall, canopied to shield it from the heat of the sun.

A large palm contained within a walled garden perfectly balances the composition, with further buildings seen in the distance.

Almost certainly enamelled on to copper but we have not removed the image from its gesso frame to check. However, the picture is given added emphasis with its convex shape.

The enamel is in excellent condition apart from a small hairline crack in the top right corner of the sky which is barely visible other than under very close inspection. The gesso frame has a few small losses but not enough to persuade us to have it reframed.

25.5 X 36 cm overall with the image alone approximately 19 by a little over 29 cm. 

Ref: 12885

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