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‘Nude with White Veil’ by Fernand Le Quesne

Item Description

Oil painting on canvas of a nude young woman laying back languidly amongst flowers and foliage in a wild garden with a blue sky above.

She looks to be a tiny sprite or fairy figure living in a normal sized world and is painted reclining on an outsized ripe apple with a white veil partially covering her body, while holding one end of the veil above her head allowing it to blow in the wind.  

This is a striking and somewhat stylised Art Nouveau image, with the subject dwarfed by the plant life all around and the symbolic fruit on which she rests.

Fernand Le Quesne was  born in Paris in 1856, the son of noted sculptor Eugene Louis Le Quesne, and he studied painting under both Paul Gervais and Albert Maignon.

Painted in the late 1800's, signed lower right and still in its orignal mirrored frame which does show some age related foxing to the glass here and there.

The painting has at some stage in the past had a small professional repair which is not visible other than on the back.

The image measures approximately 40 X 49 cm inside the slip with the overall framed size being around 58 X 69 cm.

Ref: 14833

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