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‘La Danse du Voile Rouge’ by Marius Hubert-Robert

Item Description

Mounted and framed fan-shaped watercolour and gouache painting titled 'La Danse du Voile Rouge' (Dance of the Red Veil) by the Parisian born painter and illustrator Marius Hubert-Robert (1886-1966). 

Depicting in a delightful scene three nude young women joyously dancing together by the edge of the sea, almost concealed from view by the shrubbery in the foreground and a large old tree growing near the waters edge.

They are incorporating into their dance a long red veil or ribbon which swirls around them as they move and frolic.

A sweeping coastline curves away to the left and reappears behind them, rising to form a rocky outcrop topped with low Oriental like buildings, and a small sailing yacht can be seen on the sea in the middle distance.

Interestingly, Hubert-Robert was sponsored by the Astor family for ten years, allowing him to travel widely for his art.  Two of his paintings are in the possession of the Musée du Luxembourg.

Signed lower right and dated 1921, the image is 45.5 cm wide and the overall size, including the frame, is 45 X 59 cm.

N.B.  The pale coloured area showing across the bottom of the mount is just reflection that occurred whilst the photos were taken and is not apparent 'in the flesh'.

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