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‘Nu Féminin à la Banquette’ by Frédéric Dufaux*

Item Description

Framed oil on canvas titled ‘Nu féminin à la Banquette’ by the French artist Auguste-Frédéric Dufaux (1852-1943).

The young woman is reclining languidly on an ornate couch over which a cover has been loosely thrown, and is leaning back against a plump cushion. Her arms are raised above her head, as she looks directly at the viewer with somewhat sleepy, half-closed eyes.

Painted in soft, muted colours, but nonetheless a strong image with the young model exuding confidence and looking totally relaxed.

Signed F. Dufaux in the lower right corner and dated 1924.

The image measures approximately 48.5 by 64 cm and the overall dimension including the frame is 66.5 by 81.5 cm.

Ref: 14650

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