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Hermann & Speck Choker Necklace*

Item Description

Jugendstil silver and plique-à-jour choker necklace by the Pforzheim jewellery artist Karl Hermann whose company became known as Hermann & Speck after Albert Speck became his business partner in 1902.

With a series of upright plique-à-jour enamelled plaques, the larger central one with a more complex design and also being set with a faceted green stone, a pair of little opals and a pearl.

Five other uprights are decorated with a diamond shaped design and are also plique-à-jour enamelled in the same shades of blue-grey and green.

The six decorative elements are all linked via a series of twelve equally spaced rows of silver chains, the final upright being designed to receive the pin attached to the opposite end.

Early 1900’s and with the mark for Hermann & Speck impressed on the back.

The length is approximately 35 cm and the height of the ventral panel 4.25 cm.

Ref: 15811

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