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Murrle Bennett Gold Locket

Item Description

Circular 9 ct. gold locket with an open face on both sides, decorated on the front with a frame of alternate pearls and turquoise cabochons.

The finely scalloped outer edge, with its tiny beaded detail, follows the contours of the pearls and turquoise stones.

Opening via a hinge at the top of the back to reveal apertures for two small photographs and currently housing a pair of coloured child portraits which were already inserted when we acquired it.

Made by Murrle Bennett & Co circa late 1890's and marked MBCo and 9 ct. together with what appears to be an import mark.

The diameter is a tiny fraction below 3 cm and the 9 ct. necklace chain measures 42 cm.

N.B.  If preferred, this locket can be supplied without the chain for £500.

Ref: 15381

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