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Marie-Clotilde Gallien-Berthon Oil on Canvas*

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Oil on canvas portrait of an attractive young woman wearing a large straw hat decorated with flowers, painted by the French artist Marie-Clotilde Gallien-Berthon (born 1870).

In a well balanced and colouful image the lady is directly facing the viewer, posing in front of a backdrop  of ivy leaves on a fine Summer’s day. Her soft features and in particular her strikingly beautiful green eyes have been so well captured by the artist, whose signature is in the upper right corner. 

Written faintly on the back of the frame is the unfinished sentence ‘Portrait de…’ with the name that followed appearing to have been possibly erased at some stage. Unfortunately therefore we’ll never know the identity of the sitter.

The painted canvas measures approximately 64 by 53 cm and the overall size, including the frame, is around 76 by 65 cm.

Ref: 14084

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