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French Gold and Enamel Brooch Pendant*

Item Description

Quite beautifully enamelled pendant in 18 ct. gold dating from circa 1900.

Almost certainly from the French city of Limoges which was the epicentre for the finest enamel work at that time.

The upright oval concave copper plaque features the image of a young winged cherub surrounded by flowers and leaves, mostly highlighted with foil backed enamelling, all against a deep red backdrop.

Counter enamelled on the back, the plaque is set in an ornate gold frame with a folded ribbon detail above and tiny pairs of leaves and a single flower below.

There is a pin on the back enabling this piece to be worn as a brooch at any time and for this purpose the chain is easily removed.

The length is 4.5 cm and the 9 ct. gold necklace chain, which has a barrel type clasp, is approximately 45 cm in length.

Ref: 15995

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