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Liberty Silver and Enamel Necklace*

Item Description

Vividly enamelled Arts & Crafts silver necklace almost certainly made for Liberty & Co around the turn of the 19th/20th century.

The three silver plaques, with their shaped outlines, are separated by short lengths of chain and divided into a number of cells which are mainly enamelled in shades of bluey-green with perhaps just a hint of yellow.

They are all decoratively enamelled on both sides so the necklace can be worn either way round.

Between the two uppermost plaques is set a splendidly mis-shapen baroque pearl.

The length from the top of the two uppermost enamel plaques to the bottom of the lower one is approximately 6 cm, and the necklace when opened out has a total length of 38 cm.

Ref: 14780

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