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‘Les Pensées’ by Aristide de Ranieri

Item Description

Attractive good quality French Art Nouveau terracotta bust of a young lady decorated with pansy flowers, titled simply ‘Les Pensées’.

With her fine strong features and long pale auburn hair falling forward over one shoulder, she is a striking looking woman and it’s easy to see why she was modelled. 

Sculpted by the Viareggio born Aristide de Ranieri (1865-1929), who came from a family of artists and worked mainly in Paris, having been sent there by his father in 1893. 

Signed verso, with an impressed foundry stamp and also marked Fabrication en Francaise and Terre cuite Gebeu.  There is a title plaque affixed to the front of the base which, rather strangely, bears the name L. Vergnano.

In good condition, with just a few very minor marks, and approximately 56 cm in height.  Around 1900.

Ref: 13196

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