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Large Wrought Iron & Copper Firescreen*

Item Description

English Arts & Crafts firescreen of decent size with a wrought iron frame and a rectangular copper panel featuring a design of hearts.

The black frame has a central birdcage type top handle and two more curved handles at the top corners.  The sides display a twisted pattern, leading downwards and dividing into four sturdy, shaped feet.

Fronted by a copper panel decorated with a balanced Art Nouveau repouss√© pattern of a central large heart, surrounded by small graduated circles, and three smaller hearts connected by sinuously winding stems.  

The copper partially wraps over the wrought iron sides and is further embelished with a small central scroll shape at top and bottom.

Measuring a touch over 90 cm in overall height and around 60cm between the edges of each side handle. Circa 1905.

Ref: 12954

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