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Kayserzinn Sleeping Venus Pin Tray

Item Description

Small pewter pin tray, or plate as it is noted in the Kayserzinn reference book.  It is in the shape of an open shell and depicts the nude Venus sleeping, resting her head on one hand and with her long hair billowing out on either side. She has her legs drawn up towards her middle and looks very peaceful.

Marked Kayserzinn at the top right edge and signed somewhat indistinctly by the artist who, according to the book, was F. Dorrenbach.  

Dating from around 1900, the pewter has naturally dulled over the years resulting in a pleasingly dark shade and still shows good definition to the detail of the design.

Approximately 20 cm wide and standing around 3.5cm high on its three rounded feet.  Recorded as model no. 4136 although this number is not apparent.

Lit:  Kayserzinn Jugendstil Pewter from Cologne, pp 75, 131 and 166

Ref: 12506

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