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Huge Egyptian Revival Pendant

Item Description

Stunning and very large sized Secessionist / Egyptian revival silvered metal pendant with scarabs and beads in pâte-de-verre glass showing mottled shades of dark green and red.

The main element is a very Secessionist openwork design incorporating assorted motifs which houses two large and rather ornate scarabs.

Suspended below are two double chains, each divided into four sections and decorated with small oval metal designs, slightly smaller scarabs and ending with a number of randomly shaped beads made from the same pâte-de-verre glass as the scarabs.

Dating from the 1920’s and with an overall length of almost 30 cm. The width is a fraction over 5.5 cm.

On a fairly heavy gauge silver chain which has a toggle type fastener and a length of approximately 47 cm.

Ref: 13283

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