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Goldscheider Young African Woman*

Item Description

Rarely seen Goldscheider Orientalist terracotta bust of a young north African woman, sculpted by Auguste-Maurice Lévèque, dating from c. 1891-93.

She is semi-naked with one breast completely exposed and the other partially covered by her ornately coloured shawl.  Around her neck she wears a necklace of three gold trinkets or coins and a gold bangle adorns her right arm.

This is a high quality bust and the usual attention to detail that is so typical of this manufacturer is plain to see.  The face, hair and folds to the clothing are all quite superb.

There is a male bust, no. 766 by the same artist, that matches this in style and the two together make a very desirable pair.  At present however we are only able to offer this one on its own.

Marked verso on the studio’s earliest terracotta applied plaque, Fr. Goldscheider, Reproduction Reservée and numbered 767/12.  The height is approximately 44 cm.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 300.  Also Pinhas p. 19.

Ref: 12596

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