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Goldscheider Terracotta Bust ‘L’Orientale’*

Item Description

Very fine terracotta bust from Goldscheider originally sculpted by the artist Langer around 1894-98.   

Known as L’Orientale or Orientalin, this African lady has a strikingly lovely face.  Her very slightly lowered head and downcast eyes take nothing away from the strength and beauty of her features.

The tone of her skin is very real and the ornate clothing and headdress she wears are beautifully detailed and painted.

In very good condition although we believe that the upper part of the bow in her headdress may have been reattached at some time.  This is mentioned purely for detail and is not apparent unless under extremely close examination, if at all. 

Signed by the artist on the left sleeve, marked verso with the Friedrich Goldscheider signature and numbered 1424/71/37.  The height is approximately 49 cm.

Lit:  Dechant / Goldscheider p. 321,   also Pinhas p. 67

Ref: 12215

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