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Goldscheider Little Girl & Doves

Item Description

Really gorgeous Goldscheider model of a little girl in a pretty bue dress with a flared skirt and puff sleeves, looking very closely at the dove she’s carefully holding in her cupped hands.  She has a big blue bow in her hair and cute little black shoes.  Another pair of doves is standing on the ground by her feet.  Her young face is full of wonder as she quietly watches the precious bird in front of her eyes.

This very desirable and rather rare piece dates from around 1937-38 and was designed by Dakon.  However there is some confusion over this as the book by Ora Pinhas attributes the model to Claire Weiss.  The confusion is explained in the Dechant/Goldscheider book on page 473 and this particular figure is clearly signed on the underside by Dakon.

With the impressed numbers 7836/31/6  and a height of virtually 33 cm, it is in excellent condition with just a little glaze crazing visible.  It is possible that the base has received a small degree of professional invisible restoration at some stage, but this is not at all obvious.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 473  –  also Pinhas p. 135

Ref: 11860

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