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Goldscheider Harvest Girl “Ruth”*

Item Description

Art Nouveau pale green patinated terracotta statue from Goldscheider of a young maiden in the fields harvesting grain.

Titled “Ruth”, she is seen leaning forward and holding a large sheaf of corn in both hands.  Working barefoot, she wears a headscarf tied at the back and a short sleeved long dress reaching down to her ankles.  

As usual with Goldscheider, the detail is superb, in particular the gentle features of her pretty young face.  Despite the burden of the work she is doing, she has a graceful elegance which has been beautifully captured by the artist.

Dating from circa 1897/1900 and sculpted by Emmmanuel Joseph Louis Simon who was born in Paris in 1873.  Signed Simon and with a somewhat indistinct Fr. Goldscheider mark, also showing the model number 2017.

The height is approximately 88 cm.  There are a few minor age-related marks but overall the condition is very good.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 342.   Also Pinhas p. 44 

Ref: 12856

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