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Goldscheider Carnival Girl

Item Description

Captivating ceramic figure designed by Stephan (also Stefan) Dakon for Goldsheider circa 1926/27.

Superbly modelled and hand painted in strong colours, the viewer just can’t help smiling at the young lady’s cheeky pose. 

Dressed just in deep red pantaloons and a gaily patterned waistcoat, she’s also wearing a tricorne type hat and is pulling out the top sides of her trousers as she stands with her head slightly to one side.

Impressed with the artist’s name Dakon on the plinth, just behind the left foot. 

In excellent condition, 33 cm in height and with the usual Goldscheider markings beneath, together with the impressed numbers 5658/602/7.

Lit.  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 412 where it is titled “Dreispitz”.   Also Pinhas p. 116. 

Ref: 11751

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