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Goldscheider Bust ‘Edith’*

Item Description

Head and shoulders terracotta bust sculpted by the artist Haniroff and cast by Freidrich Goldscheider of Vienna circa 1900.

Titled ‘Edith’ but unfortunately we are unable to find any information on who Edith was and why she was commemorated. Perhaps she is part of Austrian folklore.

She is modelled looking modestly downwards and to one side, wearing a plain smock and with a ribbon in her long hair which tumbles over her shoulders. 

It’s an expressive piece of work and clearly up to the usual Goldscheider high standard.

Dating from circa 1900 and with Goldscheider plaque together with the numbers 2061/149/25. Signed Haniroff on one shoulder.

Approximately 36 cm high and 35 cm wide.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 343

Ref: 12302

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