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Georg Jensen Brooch

Item Description

Stylish early 1940's brooch from Georg Jensen, designed by Arno Malinowski.

Made at a time when Denmark was suffering from a shortage of precious metals due to the German occupation, this brooch is made of iron with the silver being used for just part of the design.

A stylised ear of barley which runs obliquely across the brooch, together with two of the four stars, are inlaid with silver, the other two stars being of openwork style.

Later on, as gold and silver became a little more plentiful, this brooch was produced with three and then all four stars inlaid with silver.

Approximately 4 cm square and marked on the reverse with the AM monogram, Georg Jensen and the model no. 5001B.

Lit:  The Jewellery Box by Jens Ingvordsen, p. 47.

Ref: 14539

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