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French Gold Festoon Necklace

Item Description

High quality French festoon necklace crafted in 18 ct. gold dating from the very early 1900’s.

An ornate design featuring a number of triangular shaped openwork components attached side by side on single links.

Each one shows a complex design of very fine gold wirework and craftsmanship of the highest order.

Beneath these is a linked series of chains forming a curved line of elegant swags, with tiny seed pearls set at intervals along their lengths.

The remainder of the necklace chain is also hand made, featuring elongated ovals with decorative centres connected to each other by a few links of chain.

French marks on the jump ring and with a length of between 41 and 42 cms.

The weight, for those who like to know, is 11.2 gms.

Ref: 16426

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