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Arts & Crafts Enamelled Pendant ‘Salome’

Item Description

Striking Arts & Crafts silver pendant with the enamelled image of a young dancing girl, purportedly the enamellers take on the Biblical character Salome.

An upright oval with the enamel plaque contained within a simple silver frame, embellished with scrolling wirework at the top and extending around the lower half. 

The dancer strikes a dramatic pose with one leg raised high, bent at the knee and her back arched as she throws her head back in apparent rapture.

Her outline together with that of her skirt is detailed in silver, and the assorted shades of pink used for the enamelling are colours not commonly seen in Arts & Crafts jewellery. 

A little over 6.5 cm long, including the bale, with the necklace chain measuring 45 cm.

Ref: 15412

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