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French Art Deco Marquetry Lamp

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This is a craftsman made wooden ‘mushroom’ table lamp with marquetry and inlay work of a very high standard.

The lamp base is in two sections, both with four sides. The lower part is pyramid shaped with each face depicting a different rural or waterside scene.  The upper section tapers towards the top and again shows four scenic pictures of trees. 

The side of the base is banded with a dental pattern inlay, a pattern which was popular on certain furniture in the 20’s and 30’s. 

The solid wooden shade is intriguing, with its oyster pattern repeating all around the circumference, apparently having been fashioned from a single piece of wood.  Being solid, it doesn’t allow much light to escape, most of the it being directed downwards.  The resulting effect is that of a mood lamp rather than a lamp that emits light to read by.

Mushroom shaped lamps were considered extremely elegant in the early 1900’s and many were made in glass.  This is the first one we’ve come acroos in wood.

Made in the 1920’s and rewired recently. 

Ref: 12815

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