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Framed Italian Pietra Dura Dancing Girl*

Item Description

High quality wood framed Italian pietra dura picture of a scantily clad dancing girl, the colours of which stand out strongly against the Belgian black marble background.

The young woman is rising up on tiptoe and swirling a long ribbon around her head and body as she dances with her eyes closed and an open smile across her lips.

Each piece of stone used in the picture has been carefully selected to produce a vibrantly colourful image that's full of movement. 

Signed on the back with a signature that is somewhat indistinct but looks to be M. Fontelatici.

Almost certainly a Grand Tour piece dating from the mid to late 1800's and still with the original retailer's label affixed to a top corner of the back.

Interestingly, there is a further hand-written label which has been applied at some stage in the distant past, detailing the types of stone and marble etc. that were used in the making of the picture.

The overall height, including the frame, is 35 cm and the width 23.5cm.  The image measures approximately 25.5 X 14 cm.

As can be seen in our photos, the black marble background shows something of a 'bloom' in places, but the condition is otherwise excellent.

Ref: 14540

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