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Diana and Actaeon

Item Description

Framed electrogravure image of Diana and Actaeon after the original oil painting by Emilie Chaese (French, 19th Century).

The mythical story revolves around the unfotunate young hunter Actaeon who accidentally stumbles across Diana, goddess of the hunt, whilst she is bathing in a spring, assisted by her escort of nymphs. The embarassed Diana splashes water over the mortal Actaeon who is instantly transformed into a long antlered stag.  He flees the scene but is eventually killed by his own hounds who no longer recognize him.

Here we see Actaeon, just after his transformation, making his escape through the water while Diana, surrounded by her young nymphs, raises her spear ready to throw.

Electrogravures were introduced by Elkington & Co as a result of their printing works.  A master tablet was carved in relief and the metal laid down on the surface via an electric current passing through an acid bath.

This enabled superb detail to be produced, as can be seen on this example.  The figures of the young women, the animals, trees and water, all stand out strongly in high relief.

Circa 1870-80 and measuring approximately 36 cm high by 66 cm wide overall, with the visible image being 25.5 X 55 cm.

Ref: 15205

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