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Framed Copper Galleon

Item Description

Arts & Crafts framed copper plaque with a repoussé picture of a stylised galleon sailing on the sea with a huge sun rising (or perhaps setting) in the sky behind and above it.

It’s a fine looking vessel with a single large sail billowing ahead, four oars poking out from the side and a rather precarious looking aftercastle on the deck at the stern.  A flag and a long streaming pennant fly from the top of the mast directly in front of the centre of the sun.

The plaque has been framed with a very appropriate choice of frame which perfectly complements the nautical theme of the subject.

There is a little scratching to one area of the sail which we show in close-up in photo 5, but this looks far worse in the photo than it does ‘in the flesh’.

Early 1900’s with no signature or maker’s mark apparent, but very well executed.

Just over 26 cm high overall, with a width of a fraction below 34 cm.  

Ref: 13321

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