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Arts & Crafts Pendant by W H Haseler

Item Description

Splendid English Arts & Crafts pendant necklace from the workshops of William Hair Haseler who founded his silver works business in Birmingham in 1848, becoming in due course an important supplier of jewellery and other silver items to Liberty’s of London.

Crafted in two distinct sections linked one above the other, and each set with a colourful opal doublet.

Sprays of stylised leaves encircle the stone in the upright oval lower part, with the same theme repeated in the crescent shaped upper section.

A tiny silver flower separates the two components and two more can be seen at the points of the crescent where they connect to the necklace chain.

Showing the impressed WHH maker’s mark on the back together with the 925 silver mark.

All original and measuring 6 cms. long from where the 41 cm long necklace chain begins.

Ref: 16408

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