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Gold and Enamel Brooch with Mythical Scene

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Brooch crafted in gold testing as 15 ct. with the enamelled image of a dramatic mythical scene depicting a winged cherub, known as the genius of light, hauling a chariot above the clouds across a dark blue sky.

Standing inside the chariot is Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn, dressed in flowing robes and brandishing a flaming torch.

Each day she brings the morning to the world as she flies across the sky to announce the sun’s imminent arrival.

The quite beautifully enamelled plaque is set within an ornately decorated gold mount and enclosed at the back.

Circa early 1900’s and with a little inevitable surface scratching here and there to the enamel, but nothing at all serious.

We can find no signature on the enamelled image but it’s possible there may be one that’s either hidden by the mount or behind the backplate.

Measuring 4 X 2.5 cms.

N.B. The dark streaks showing in the sky in our photos are purely reflection and are not apparent on the actual brooch.

Ref: 16175

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